Virtual Assistance Services

Streamline Your Success Endeavors

Organize Your Work, Attain Work Life Balance

If you are a busy entrepreneur, a small / medium company lacking relevant skilled resources, a growing organization with unmanageable workloads or just planning to adopt cost cutting strategy, then it’s about time you hired our uninterrupted virtual assistance services. Hiring full time additional resources to share your workloads sometimes turn out to be a cumbersome and expensive task. Therefore, outsourcing certain tasks through virtual assistance services is rather a smart choice. It’s a growing trend now a days, to achieve work life balance while increasing productivity. High quality, professional virtual assistance services spare you from the hassle of meeting deadlines within tight schedules. You get a chance to be well-organized and focused on the bigger and more important tasks essential for flourishing your business. Remember, the top management is meant to be engrossed with strategic operations than doing hands on tasks of a mundane workday. This can be achieved either by hiring skilled resources or outsourcing. You have to assess which option is more dynamic, productive and helpful for running your business more smoothly.


Why You Need Virtual Assistance Services?

Before you plan to perform a certain task, you need to analyze whether it should be done by you or has to be outsourced. There are three major reasons to help you decide that the task(s) at hand require to be executed through VAS.

  • You can’t do it.
  • You don’t want to do it.
  • You have to do something else.

So why engage yourself into mundane cumbersome tasks when you could make time to plan and execute something far bigger. You can attend to some more pressing affairs which need your attention. That long delayed meeting with a potential client, some planning to get another business unit at work, revamping of organizational structure, a much needed brainstorming session to secure new business or simply to get some hours away from work to recharge your overworked mind. All that needs you to free yourself from the workloads without having slightly affected the flow of work. This is only possible through a reliable and competent virtual assistance services. The good news is, you could rely on us for taking your burdens away.

Why Choose Us

We make your work desk clutter free by taking workloads away from you. You get the freedom and motivation that drives you to move ahead with your plans. Biztech Point  provides a systematic solution for virtual assistance. We set up the most reliable and efficient mechanism to perform our committed tasks for you.  With the help of time trackers, time sheets and reports, you have complete awareness and track of  the work activities along with the outcome. You get complete monitoring going on for you without disrupting your other activities. That makes us one of the most professional virtual assistance services  provider. Biztech Point delivers following virtual assistance services:

Administrative Virtual Assistance Services

Email Management (official emails / letters)
Calendar Management
Clients follow ups (Reminders / greetings)
Files Management (Dropbox, Google drive)
Data management
Power Point Presentations
Official memos / notifications
Company profiling
Brainstorming ideas
Business analysis
Strategy development
Policy development

HR Virtual Assistance Services

Creating job description and specification
Posting job adverts
Sifting and initial screening
Job interviews
Application form
Assessment tools
Reference check
Employment contracts
HR documentation / forms
Employees counseling
Performance reviews

Marketing Virtual Assistance Services

Creating sales pitch
Email marketing campaign
Marketing research
Marketing strategy

Product / brand research

CRM management

Creating sales funnels

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistance Services

Setting up social media accounts

Developing strategies

Creating facebook/ instagram posts

Running PPC campaign

Running social media advertisement campaign

Users engagement

Results and reports

IT Virtual Assistance Services

Website updates
Website maintenance
Website security and backup
Creating landing page


Products updates for E-commerce website

Files conversion

Database management

Graphic Desinging Virtual Assistance Services

Graphical content for facebook / Instagram posts
Graphical content for PPC campaigns

Stationary Designing

Branding Material

Promotional material (leaflets, banners, posters, brochures)

Photo editing

Monthly Plans

  • Basic Plan
  • PKR 20,000
    • Up to 15 tasks
    • 16 GB Ram
    • 2 TB Harddrive
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