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Biztech Point encompasses a wide range of HR services which augment your company’s HR operations and processes. The risks associated with incomplete and unprofessional human resource administration are numerous. It simply results in high employees turn over, reduced performance, minimized productivity, profit loss, increased job dissatisfaction and threats of litigation. Our professionally executed HRM consulting services are result oriented wherein you can monitor the outcomes by running post-implementation assessments. We believe that standardized implantation of strategically aligned HRM practices can drive the best out of your human capital.  As a result, your company gains competitive advantage where the business excels through your people.

Biztech Point offers quality oriented, innovative, effective and efficient HRM solutions which revitalize your organization revive your policies and transform your processes. Our expert resources through their professional insight develop strategic HRM solutions which are analytically tailored to fit in the needs of your organization and personnel.

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Recruitment & Selection

We assist the organizations with complete recruitment & selection services which includes HR planning, development of roles, job descriptions, job postings and advertisements, sifting, interviews, selection and orientation. We help you take most talented and competent employees on board. We understand your employment needs and we know the importance of competence and merit. Therefore, we are utmost diligent and meticulous throughout the process.


Documents, Forms & Templates

Biztech Point assists your business through complete range of standardized and policy oriented forms and templates in order to render your HR department needs. Our team of experts analyzes thoroughly all the required internal controls. Consequently, we develop documents which go by your company’s policies and completely meet the requirements of SOP’s. Our tailored forms, templates and documents equally benefit managers, supervisors and employees for developing a uniform internal controls system.


Employee Handbook

One of the most important tools in HR management is employee handbook. It bears information on both employees’ and employers’ rights and obligations within an employment contract. Employee handbook educates the employees of a company regarding company’s policies and procedures. Employee handbook helps employers establish and monitor legal compliance all the way while putting company policies into practice.  We provide a fast and reliable solution for employee handbook services.


Employment Contracts

In order to avoid the potential threat of litigation, employment contracts need a thorough attention of the HRM professionals while making job offers. Our teams of experienced HR professional develops employment contracts for your company while keeping due consideration for the most critical issues like compliance, employers’ rights protection, employee’s rights protection and adherence with labor laws.


Employees Background & Reference Check

Verification of employees’ background is a sensitive task which we run with utmost care and confidentiality. Our special experts in the discipline of employees’ background check execute the whole operation in compliance with legal and ethical standards. We run complete check for academic record verification, previous employment record verification, reference checks, contact details verification and NADRA verification.


Performance Management System

Placement of an effective performance management system helps improve management controls, motivates the organization’s workforce and results in direct financial gains. Biztech Point provides a comprehensive solution for performance management system which includes performance planning, execution, performance appraisal and performance reviews. Our technology backed up tools make performance management most efficient and hassle free.


Career Counselling

Choosing right career and making wise decisions while pursuing a career calls for professional career counseling. Our remarkable career counseling sessions can help you climb up the ladders of an auspicious career. Our career counseling methodology is coupled with psychological counseling which helps you overcome job stress, assessment of aptitude, skills and personality thereby reaching most befitting solutions for your career growth and personality development.

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