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Get Published with Us!! We Are Accepting Guest Post

Accepting guest post is an initiative we have taken for encouraging young and veteran professional to share their ideas and knowledge with the readers. The vision of Biztech Point is laid upon the passion for learning, adaptation and evolution. We believe that growth is a product of continuous learning. In a world of commercial era, where blogs are primarily focused at monetizing purposes, our aim is entirely non profitable. The sole purpose of accepting guest post is providing an opportunity for emerging bloggers, freelance writers and other professionals regardless of their background in article writing. Through this platform Biztech Point invites you to polish your writing skills and try your potential in a variety of subjects eventually creating a reasonable profile as a blog post author or content writer. But hold on, there is something more to it.  Your knowledge and professional insight is invaluable and sharing it can make a difference in the life of others as well as in your own life. So get down to business folks and feel free to pen down your views on the following subjects:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovative business ideas
  • Latest market and business trends
  • Marketing management
  • Human resource management
  • Youth development
  • “How to” tutorials
  • Latest IT trends

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Content Quality

The content must be unique and original. It must be plagiarism free. Any duplicate/copied/plagiarized content shall be rejected right away. The content should comprised of minimum 400 to 1500 unique words. The content should be divided in paragraphs and can have related headings to distinguish between various sections.

Publisher’s Copy Rights

By submitting a guest post on our our blog, you give Biztech Point the copy rights of your article. No article, once submitted on this blog can be published on any other blogs or online resources. The same way, any post / article / content published on any other blogs or online resources is not allowed to be published at Biztech Point Blog. We respect copy rights of other publishers and expect all guest authors to show due diligence towards copy rights with us and with other publishers.

Author’s Contribution

We give due credit to authors’ contribution by publishing their name with their guest post. However, we do not allow backlinking withing the article nor do we allow promotion of any brands or self promotional activities. Although, we do allow publishing author’s bio once approved by the admins and editors and also, one backlink in the bio (only pointing to a non-promotional and non profitable website). Also, sharing of your guest post on social media or sharing any other authors’ posts by clicking share buttons is permissible.

Blog Monetization

This blog is purely non profitable and it does not cost any charges to publish a guest post.

Guest Post Publishing

Guest post will be published only once it is approved by the editors and admins of this blog. Biztech Point reserves the rights of rejecting any post and/or to ban any author(s) without giving any reasons. The editors reserve the rights of optimizing and modifying the content as per SEO requirement as well as the scope of the subject.

Disclaimer: By clicking the submit button, you are accepting our terms & conditions stated above. Please do not submit a guest post if you do not accept our terms & conditions.

Note: You will not be notified about publishing of your article. All guest post submissions are subject to approval hence you may need to wait for the due processing before getting published. Keep on visiting our website for updates.
Happy writing!!

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