About Us

About Us

Your Reliable Business Consultancy Services Provider

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How We Started

Biztech Point  delivers specialized consultancy services  in the key functional areas of your business. Our professional business consultancy services are focused at the policies and processes of management consultancy, human resource management and information technology. Biztech Point delivers optimal quality business and technology solutions to start-ups and small and medium enterprises. We established this venture in the year 2014,  starting with specialized information technology solutions. Gradually we started to instill the services of specialized professionals of other sectors. Hence business management became one of the core areas of our services. Biztech Point strives for building and maintaining strong business relationships with the customers. We keep the scope of our services thoroughly aligned with the customers’ requirements. That’s why our solutions enhance  efficiency, effectiveness hence leading to increased productivity.

Our core strength lies within our intellectual and human capital because we believe in skills and competence. We are enthusiastic about what we do and therefore, we put our best to perform any tasks at hand. Our business consultancy services are coupled with our dedication and passion.  With a small yet highly effective, well-qualified and diverse team of professionals, we have been able to deliver the services good enough to attain the trust and confidence of our valued clientele. We very much cherish our unique capability of being quick respondents and effectual role players. Our dedicated and motivated team of business and IT consultants is well acknowledged for having a repute of beating deadlines by working in flexible hours. Having diversification of services offered along with a management team having a rounded skill sets plays a vital role in our business growth and development.

Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to empower our customers by providing optimal professional solutions
  • Offer unique, robust and quality oriented solutions.
  • Become a leading business consultant company and hence establish long lasting business coordination.
  • To offer market competent and reliable  solutions at reasonable pricing.
  • Enhance collaborations, build up trust and good will so as to retain long term business terms.
  • To deliver increasingly value added services through an on-going learning and quality enhancement process.

Our Vision

  • Develop and grow in order to reach top market niche.
  • Get a diverse portfolio while creating opportunities and overcoming challenges.
  • To increase the market share and establish unique trends and benchmarks.
  • Setup an ideal work environment with friendly, learning and growth opportunities while setting up benchmarks as a leading business consultant company.
  • To contribute to the betterment of the society in large through our values and corporate culture.
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Goals & Objectives

Offer innovative, timely and reliable solutions
To enhance experience of IT and business solutions
Establish customers loyalty
Develop a hub for customized solutions
To maximize support and coordination with the partners and clients
Promote an optimistic, friendly and pleasant working environment
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Values & Work Ethics

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