Many of us dream to become an entrepreneur but only some of us dare to take a plunge. Of all those who try to pursue their dreams, only a few make it to the top. Startups are always challenging to begin with but once you take up your venture passionately, every single day turns out to be a new adventure. At some point of the career, many people get sick of the mundane task of working from 9 to 5. Even it may happen with many fresh graduates at the beginning of their career when job satisfaction issue hits them hard. A sense of dissatisfaction may arise soon enough when you realize that your energy, skillsets and potential is not being properly channelized at your work environment.

Reasons for job dissatisfaction are triggered by the employers as well. Some employers fail to provide you with the career growth opportunities which also results in feeling like being under-utilized. On the other hand, some employers squeeze their employees to the point of getting them drained out. Another challenge job has to offer us is in the form of job stress where issues like peer pressure, precarious work environment, workload and time pressure become health threatening. All these factors and many others in our circumstances may push us wanting to be an entrepreneur. But before you really decide to become one, let’s have a look at 5 signs which indicate that you are meant to be an entrepreneur.

  • You are Enthusiastic

Whatever you do in life, you are very much passionate and enthusiastic about it. You put your heart into an apparently ordinary task. You talk endlessly about your work, and every new task thrills you to bits. If it sounds like you, then you surely are the one meant to be an entrepreneur.

  • You are an All-Nighter

You can stay up all night while working on a task. You cannot stay in peace, until you are done with your targets. You can spend various nights working alone without caring about the ticking of clock. Sleepless nights do not trouble you but unfinished task make you completely restless hence you prefer to stay up as long as long as it takes.

  • You are Self-Motivated

Your source of motivation is derived intrinsically and you are self-sufficient to drag yourself out of despair of failure. A little impulse can drive you and a little inspiration can excite you. If you fall and you manage to get up all by yourself then indeed you are meant to be entrepreneur.

  • You are a Risk-Taker

You are not afraid of coming out of your comfort zone. The idea of trying out new things thrills you to the point where you are fearless enough to take new risks. You quickly decide your line of action and you are least bothered about the uncertainties.

  • You are Creative

You can think out of the box and you always come up with the innovative ideas for finding out solutions.  You like uniqueness in everything and you are capable enough to think of unique concepts.

If you possess above characteristics, then it is high time you must embark on what can open new doors of success to you. Time to challenge your limits, folks. Happy entrepreneurship!



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