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Biztech Point is an enterprise offering business consultancy services in an innovative and hassle free manner. Our unique range of services includes management consultancy, HR, marketing and IT solutions. We are an emerging enterprise providing top notch business consultancy services in Pakistan and around the globe. The scope of our services encompasses all those aspects which can create competitive advantage for your business. The unique solutions which we offer are ingenious, integrated, efficient, effective and economic. With a diverse and dynamic team of professionals, Biztech Point develops solution designs to be flexible, novel and reliable. We not only understand your needs but also we are outright focused on identifying the most befitting solutions for your business.

Whether it is about identification of loopholes in your business processes through business consulting, developing a professional business plan, finding your company the most competent human resource management solutions, marketing your business through digital marketing or traditional marketing, building your online clothing shop or increasing traffic on your website using search engine optimization, we got you covered in an absolutely hassle free manner.

Our broad spectrum of vigilant and versatile services serves as a one stop solution for business consultancy, human resource management solutions, marketing management and information technology. By integrating all these domains proficiently through our highly skillful business consultancy services, we assist you with gaining competitive advantage for your business. No matter if it is just a start-up venture, small and medium enterprise or even if you are looking for some professional business consultancy to become any such entities, you are at the right place. As we love what we do so we share our passion and enthusiasm with our invaluable clients whole-heartedly. Our professional business solutions undoubtedly reflect our profound dedication and commitment.

Our Strategic Business Consultancy Methodology

Find Our Way of Crafting Solutions

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First and foremost, we believe No challenge is too big. No detail is too small. Therefore, a vision of focusing on big picture makes us details oriented while we design our robust business consultancy solutions. The information gathering process on which we lay foundation of our consultancy services is primarily based on the input shared by the customers. A thorough analysis of the information so provided is conducted consequently.  We conduct arduous research before carrying out solution design process. Professionally valid, efficient, effective and agile processes are chosen for development of solutions. Our strategic mythology for delivering our result oriented services is comprised of four steps.

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Deliver

In the planning phase, we research, observe, understand and analyze the information. Design phase is based on alignment of  concepts with respect to business and technical processes as required by the nature of the project. In the development or implementation phase, the outcome of design process is implemented, the visual outcome is obtained and the process is vigilantly monitored. In the final step, we test the developed services/product, verify the details and obtain approval of the client. We go through these phases regardless of the size or monetary value of the projects. This practice helps us deliver uniform, consistent and standardized solutions to our valuable clients. It also stands us out among myriads of companies offering business consultancy services in Pakistan.

What We Do

We design customized Business & Information Technology solutions.

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How We Do

We analyse, plan, and develop our solutions using state-of-the art tools .

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What is the Outcome

Unique, quality oriented and reliable solutions which meet the customer requirements.

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Business Consultancy

Align your business processes and operations by taking advantage of our industry expert business consultancy services
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HRM Services

Find the optimized and hassle free HRM solutions for your organization and choose the best of HRM practices with Biztech Point
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Corporate Identity

Enhance perception, look and feel of your brands and identify unique value proposition of your business through our corporate identity solutions
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Web Development

Our advanced, seamless and responsive web solutions are developed and deployed by our professional
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Digital Marketing

Boost sales of your products and services to manifold by taking advantage of our aggressive digital marketing services
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Content Management

Augment your competitive advantage of your business through unique and quality content management which appeal to the masses
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What Makes Us Unique;Special

Why Choose Our Business Consultancy Services

We incorporate diverse exposures in our business consultancy solution designs. Our business consultancy services in Pakistan are acclaimed for dedication, commitment and customer satisfaction. We craft our skills for offering unique services and also to provide flexibility in order to accommodate customers’ needs. Our services are cost effective but at the same time quality oriented. Our integrated business consultancy renders comfort of seamless and hassle free jobs done. Be it a full-fledged project or just a module, a huge, hectic job or some trivial assignments outsourced to us in order to make you burden free, our uniform process flow deals with this in a wholesome manner. Since Biztech Point is committed to offer optimal professional solutions, so our services are reliable for the long term business. From a start-up to an industry leader and small to large size firms, our business consultancy solutions fit in your needs. Therefore, we cherish a huge segment of our clients to be those of returning ones.


We take pride in our creative, unique and innovative high quality processes and solution where originality comes first.


Our self-driven and self motivated approach keeps us going in all circumstances with all sort of tasks.


With the diverse skill sets of our team of professionals, we cherish our versatility of services that brings ease to our prestigious clients.


From planning phase to maintenance phases, we deliver with excellence whatever we are committed for.

The Ideal Business Consultancy Services in Pakistan

The concept of consultancy services in Pakistan is vague particularly with small and medium enterprises. That is why, we took up this challenging services area because we fully understand the constraint of tangible and intangible resources. All organizations fight for balancing their resources and it is a worldwide practice in corporate sector. But the simple key solution of revamping the whole business structure is often overlooked. Therefore, the companies bear the brunt of deficient business performance. In order to avoid meeting such undesirable situation, business consultancy services comes in handy. Hire Biztech Point for finding ideal solutions which conform to standard practices.

Our Clients & Partners;Friends

We value our clients, partners and friends who are an amazing part of our professional journey. For that reason, we base our solutions on the feedback, ideas and suggestions put in by then which leads to improved quality and increased trust.  We adorn our services with high degree of customer satisfaction, ever growing excellence and endless enthusiasm. And that exactly is our recipe of success which we share with all our stakeholders. Our clients’ confidentiality is a matter of grave importance to us and therefore, we ensure the compliance of non disclosure agreement, data security and confidentiality of information. Our strict adherence to ethos and values bring about long lasting business relationship with our clients and partners. That is the reason we get to enjoy a considerably high ratio of returning clients.

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